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          China Chengtong promotes three-year reform action plan

          Strategic Development Department     2021-08-30         

          On August 30, China Chengtong held three-year reform action plan promotion meeting, studying the guiding principle of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech marking the CPC’s centenary and implementing requirements set out in SASAC’s three-year reform action plan promotion meeting, in order to double the effort in promoting the three-year action work of reform.

          Zhu Bixin, China Chengtong’s Secretary of the CPC Committee, Chairman and Head of China Chengtong’s Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reform (the Leading Group) attended the meeting and made a speech. Li Hongfeng, China Chengtong’s Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee, President and Deputy Head of the Leading Group delivered the major instructions of SASAC’s three-year reform action promotion meeting. Li Yousheng, China Chengtong’s Vice President and Director of General Office of the Leading Group reported the progress of the implementation of the Group’s three-year reform plan. Shan Zhongli, China Chengtong’s Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Deputy Head of the Leading Group presided over the meeting. The Group’s other leaders also participated in the meeting.

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          In Zhu Bixin’s remarks, he pointed out that the Group’s development history embodies reform and innovation. The Group has always adhered to the Party’s leadership, followed the rule of state assets and SOEs’ reform, explored a reform and development road upgraded from self-innovation to actively serving the national strategy, and realised the ‘three-level jump’ from a traditional material circulation enterprise to a state assets management company and now a state capital operating company. China Chengtong has a history of reform and has on that basis attained fruitful reform achievements.

          Zhu noted that the whole Group should fully understand the significance of the SOEs’ Three-Year Reform Action Plan (the Plan) against the backdrop of new development. The Plan is a concreate measure implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and a crucial action taken by the CPC Central Committee on the new development stage. The effective implementation of the Plan is not only an important mission with political significance for the Group, but also a necessary requirement based on China Chengtong’s long-term development and the realising of state capital operating company’s high-quality development.


          Zhu fully affirmed the Group’s achievements in the implementation of the Plan, and also pointed out that it is crucial to examine the problems existing at this stage and take the initiative to benchmark model enterprises with a complete logical connection of various tasks in mind. In order to secure precious opportunities to further promote reform, the Group should first enhance its political awareness to ensure the right direction of the reform; second, redouble the effort to reform and enable the full execution of Party organisations’ responsibilities at all levels; third, stick to the problem-orientated approach to make breakthroughs in key areas and tasks; and fourth, consolidate political supervision and carry out strict inspection and assessment.

          Zhu underlined that the whole Group should have a strong confidence in reform and fully understand the important role of the state capital operating company in state funded companies. The Group should continue to carry forward the long-developed fine tradition of reform and China Chengtong spirit, that is ‘ready to shoulder responsibilities and dare to crack hard nuts’, to make new contributions to the construction of a new development paradigm with concrete achievements in reform and development, in which the building of a professional platform for the state capital market-oriented operation being the key to the Plan, and striving to become the vanguard of the reform of state-owned assets and SOEs as the overarching requirement.

          Principal Party and managing chiefs of the Group’s Beijing-based subsidiaries, head of departments of the Group’s headquarters, and full-time Group-dispatched directors attended the meeting at the main venue. Nearly 1000 participants, including the principal Party and managing chiefs of the Group’s subsidiaries outside Beijing, personnel in charge of the reform of the Group’s subsidiaries, and representatives from departments responsible for reform, joined the meeting via video conference.

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